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Hope in the Hills Cropped T-Shirt - White

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This capsule collection supporting Hope in the Hills’ Healing Appalachia concert is the second collaboration between Lewisburg Surf Shop and artist Sarah Anne Graham. Sarah’s art, rooted in nature, explores human environment dynamics, including opioid synthesis from natural sources and the devastation the opioid epidemic has caused not only in West Virginia, but the entire nation. This collection sheds light on both beauty and challenges, aiming for healing through awareness. These limited-edition pieces are inspired by Sarah’s impactful narrative on this epidemic.

Symbolism of the animals in her work is that of innocence and addiction because these are the animals that cannot adapt as well as others in their changing environment that is a direct result of climate change. The plants are derivatives of the specific opioids that have been synthesized. 

 The Capsule Collection focuses on Sarah’s iconic imagery translated into hand block prints  

  • Black Bear: The State Animal of West Virginia symbolizing innocence and onlooker.
  • Isabella Tiger Moth: symbolizes fragility and addiction. WV folklore holds that the relative amounts of brown and black hair on the caterpillar indicate the severity of the coming winter.
  • West Virginia Timber Rattler symbolizing redemption healer/healed
  • Rhododendron: State Flower of West Virginia symbolizing beauty and grit
  • Northern Red Spotted Salamander: a species that acts as a barometer in the health and biodiversity of an environment.
  • Tablet and Capsule: Symbolize oxycodone and natural painkillers like Kratom as West Virginia leads the nation in overdose deaths
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